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At Silver Apricot, our mission is to share the story of what it means to be Chinese-American today. The first Chinese immigrants cooked out of a yearning for something familiar and out of economic necessity, using ingredients available in local markets that appealed to American tastes. The traditional recipes of their hometowns were most pervasive in their own kitchens, but even those preparations reflected their new landscape. The evolution of American Chinese food is the narrative behind items like General Tso's Chicken and the fortune cookie.

In the heart of New York’s West Village, want to showcase both the past and future of this storied cuisine to New Yorkers and visitors alike. We represent the immigrants (Chef Simone Tong) and the first-generation children of immigrants (General Manager Emmeline Zhao) who explore their Chinese identities and culture by commemorating the techniques of their forefathers while celebrating this land they call home. We hope Silver Apricot evokes a sense of belonging for all who enter, through our food and beverage, hospitality, and storytelling.

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