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Contact Us and FAQs

Before you send us a message, please read through these FAQs to see if your question can already be answered!

When do reservations open?
Reservations open 14 days in advance at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time, inclusive of the date you're looking to book. That's 14 days, not "two weeks"! Which means, for example, that bookings open for July 15 on July 2 at 12:00 p.m. ET.

Are you open on XX day?
Our "Hours" page will tell you!

How much time do I have at my table?
Due to limited operating capacity, we allot 90 minutes for parties of 1-3 and 120 minutes for parties of 4-6, beginning at the time of reservation. We hold reservations for 15 minutes. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in ensuring that those after you can join us and be seated promptly!

I'm trying to make a change to my reservation but Resy won't let me! What do I do?
We recognize that Resy is unfortunately an imperfect system. But we're a small team and don't have a reservationist so we rely on services like Resy to manage bookings for us. If you're able to see your desired date/time/party size on Resy as a new reservation, then we have that booking available and you should cancel your existing reservation and book the new one (you won't be assessed a cancellation fee in this scenario!). If you are not able to see it available, we do not have it available, as our entire inventory is online. Please don't email us to make the change — if you don't see it, we unfortunately just don't have it. Reservations change all the time, however, so we highly encourage you to set a Resy notification for your desired date/time/party size. The system will text and/or email you as soon as something opens up.

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations made within 3 hours of reservation time are assessed a $40/person cancellation fee. We are a small restaurant, and last-minute cancellations come at massive opportunity cost to us and are a direct hit to our ability to pay wages and benefits to our staff.

I couldn't get a reservation, can I walk in?
Yes! We keep a couple tables open for walk-ins, so please pop by and see what we might have available! We open at 5:30 p.m.

What does "Garden/Patio" mean?
In the spring/summer, outdoor dining tables are located on our front patio, on our sidewalk adjacent to the patio, or in our back garden. In the fall/winter, outdoor dining tables are located on our front patio or in our back garden — during the colder months, our outdoor space is partially enclosed and is heated. Because of limited space and our commitment to accommodating parties of different sizes, we cannot guarantee seating in any particular dining area. 

What if it's raining, or snowing, or if it's cold, or literally anything happening with the weather?
We have electric heaters in use and overhead coverings to protect from the elements. During the warmer months, on days of rain or inclement weather, we guarantee overhead cover, but cannot offer the same guarantee on clear days. In the winter, it will be colder in our outdoor spaces than in the dining room. In the summer, it will be warmer in our outdoor spaces than in the dining room. We always strongly recommend dressing appropriately for the weather if you are booked for an outdoor table. 

What does "Dining Room" mean?
This is our indoor (yellow!) dining room. Space here is tight so please sit with your seat pushed in!

I'm coming as a party of 5 or more. What's the deal?
Due to limited operating capacity (seriously, our kitchen is probably smaller than yours), parties of 5 or more are served family-style from the current menu for $88 per person. Any adjustments to party size must be made prior to reservation time either via Resy or by sending an email to Parties booked for 5 or more but adjust upon arrival are responsible for the full headcount as booked.

I'd like to come as a party of more than 10. Can you accommodate?
We are a small restaurant. So unfortunately 10 is the absolute largest party size we can accommodate for a regular dinner service. Any parties larger than 10 should send a private event inquiry to

Can I bring my own beverage?
While we do encourage you to take advantage of our carefully and intentionally curated list, we welcome up to two 750mL bottles of wine or sake per table that is not on our list. A $48 per bottle corkage fee will be assessed. 

I am allergic to gluten/nuts/sesame. Can you accommodate?
Yes! Please just be sure to chat with your server about your allergies and dietary restrictions so that our team can ensure your meal is allergen-free!

I am vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian. Can you accommodate?
We have many vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian options on our menu that you may select from. Unfortunately we're not able to accommodate dishes off-menu. 

I am vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian, or I am allergic to gluten/nuts/sesame, or I'm pregnant, and my party is having the family-style menu. Can you accommodate?
Yes! Just be sure to chat with your server about your allergies and/or dietary restrictions so that our team can adjust your meal for you!

Can I bring my dog?
Yes! We love dogs! Sometimes more than people! Please just make a note in your reservation that you'll be bringing a dog, so that our team can plan accordingly. And be sure to book an outdoor table, as our indoor dining room is too tight to welcome our furry friends.

Do you have high chairs?
No, we barely have enough space for adult chairs!

Can I bring a stroller?
You're welcome to bring a stroller if it folds. As we are very spatially limited, we are not able to accommodate non-folding strollers.

Still have a question? Send us a message and we’ll get back to you — typically within the hour for urgent reservation-related questions and up to 48 hours for others. We will not respond to inquiries for which answers are already listed here. Otherwise, we're looking forward to hearing from you!

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